Vital Signs

Trinity Centre - Main Hall, Trinity Centre

Saturday, 18th May 10:00 – 11:10

Vital Signs is a new working class magazine for Southmead hospital and the BRI.

After a brief overview of recent developments and disputes at Southmead hospital and the Bristol Royal Infirmary within the context of the wider UK strike wave, they will introduce their new magazine 'Vital Signs' as a contributution to the debate amongst 18,000 fellow hospital workers. The magazine's primary focus will be on the self-organisation of struggle, the need for workers' and patient control and the necessity of a fundamental social transition.

With the magazine, they want to contribute to a critical analysis of the wider health sector and of the hurdles that corporations and the state bureaucracy create for the development of medical technology and knowledge. 'Vital Signs' is embedded in a wider proposal of rebuilding independent working class political organisations from within the essential industries.