metAmorphosIs: Transforming Bristol Through AI Art

Discover the power of AI art and embark on a transformative journey of reimagining Bristol. Join us for an enlightening 2-hour workshop that will unleash your creative potential and reshape your perception of our vibrant city.

If you have access to a laptop, please bring it with you! Send photos of the Bristol landscapes you want to transform to

During this immersive session, Dotty Clay and Zlata Ponirovskaya will introduce you to cutting-edge AI art tools that enable us to transcend the boundaries of imagination. Together, we will explore how these tools can be harnessed to breathe new life into our surroundings and envision a Bristol like never before.

The objective of this workshop is to foster a collaborative atmosphere, inspiring participants to co-create 20-30 captivating AI-generated images that depict an imagined Bristol.  We do hope that this will serve as a catalyst for engaging conversations and compelling narratives about our collective future. Sincerely, GPU-junkies.