Henry Palmer

Henry Palmer founded The People's Comedy in 2018 with the simple aim of providing a platform for non-commercial comedians to get paid.
"Henry Palmer is form breakingly funny. 
He throws out the comedy formula and finds laughs that even the comedy savy don't expect.
All the while addressing socially-political topics in the way that's seldom seen on the scene." - Bristol Punchline
His book Voices of Bristol: Gentrification & Us (Arkbound, 2019) helped to bring the troubles of the city's gentrification to the fore, featuring in the BBC World Service, The i Newspaper, & others.
He helped to launch Bristol's first Uber union, being elected as Chair in 2018, as part of the national gig economy strike action that led to law change; in 2021 he stood as a Labour councillor candidate increasing the vote share by 3% in a challenging election.