BT After Dark

Trinity Centre - Main Hall, Trinity Centre

Saturday, 18th May 20:00 – 01:00

BT After Dark is returning for our fifth year, our fifth celebration of the outstanding education given and received by BT, and our fifth year welcoming you all to a night of debauchery to show you why the left does it best.

Ticketed separately to the main festival - get yours on Headfirst. Last entry at midnight.

To give you a taste of what to expect, a perfect quote from our venue manager last year:

“I never expected a bunch of leftists to party quite so hard”

If that’s not already got you jumping at the chance to boogie your cares away with some of the truest comrades this world has ever seen, then maybe the amazing entertainment we have for you might seal the deal:

// Rosebery Ceilidh Band //

We’ve decided to diversify our entertainment a bit this year, to make sure there is something for as many of you as possible. Leading that change is the fantastic Rosebery Ceilidh Band.

As our openers they will be welcoming you into the tradition of Ceilidh, a high energy, group dance based in traditional folk from around the UK and Ireland.

If this all sounds unfamiliar to you have no worry: their caller, Miriam Ayling, is an expert at leading the masters and novices alike. A perfect start for all to this wonderful evening, as long as they don’t tucker you out before our DJs!

// Molly No-Mates //

While we catch our breath in the ceilidh intermission we have a real treat for you. A brand new and truly beautiful conception, Molly No-Mates.

They are a queer drag king Molly dancing team, taking old historic queer folk traditions and bringing it into the current age for you all to enjoy.

Molly itself is a form of Morris dancing, getting its name from a common tradition of a man wearing a dress and apron for the dance - the Molly. Molly No-Mates have taken this tradition and will bring their stomping feet and beautiful singing to transport you into the exuberant world of queer folk.

// Buggery Grips //

After the knees up excitement of the ceilidh we thought we’d find someone more suited to making you all get down low.

Leading us into the DJ portion of the night is Buggery Grips - Founder of the mighty Fast and Bi-Furious, our first DJ ever gracing us from London, and no stranger to getting down low and bringing everyone with him!

You best be ready for some of the floor filleryest, booty shakingest, and wobble inducingest bass grooves known to humankind.

// DJ Business Lady //

For those who came last year, our headliner needs no introduction. With a performance that absolutely stole the show in the closing slot it was no surprise we were inundated with calls to bring her back and put her front and center.

For those who didn’t, you are in for a spectacle of silliness, a bonanza of bass, a performance of pure pleasure.

Now, a slight challenge for you all. DJ Business Lady might be the Queen of Capital right now, but something you did last year has her jumping at the chance to come back to perform for all you lefties - I sense a chance to convert a comrade - if you bring your A game to the floor, maybe we can add a Das to the Queen of Capital title!

// K8 //

To top the evening off we’ve got a real gem for you, a true master spinner known for her smooth blends of Jazzy DnB and tasty jungle rhythms.

Not only an incredible DJ, she’s also a mentor at Harmonia, a Femme/NB circle based out of Lost Horizon. This new group is helping lead the industry towards better representation and accessibility, definitely a collective to watch!