Nationality & Feminism - studying Rosa Luxemburg


Tuesday, 19th March 18:30 – 20:00

Rosa Luxemburg was a Polish revolutionary socialist, Marxist and anti-war activist. She was a central figure of European revolutionary socialist movements in the early 20th century. She made significant original contributions to socialist theory and knowledge, including being the first theorist to identify ideas that developed into concepts such as imperialism, globalisation and the military industrial complex.

Her writing was persuasive, accessible, principled, and often barbed, reflecting the passion she equally brought to her frontline presence of political activism.

This seven week course will examine Rosa Luxemburg’s contribution to socialist politics regarding economics, identity, militarism, strikes and revolution, as well as exploring the context of her life. Each week we will look at a selection of her writing, and reflect on how best we can utilise her ideas for today's struggles. All are welcome, regardless of previous knowledge of her work or wider socialist theory. -


Identity? In MY politics?!

Taking a welcome break from last session’s economics and colonialism, for this fortnight’s session we’ll be reading Rosa’s short pieces on national and gender identity. We’ll dissect how she saw these struggles inherently grapple with issues of class, politics, and solidarity, and finally answer the age-old question - how will we cancel Rosa Luxemburg?

The two pieces of reading are:


Each event will be accessible to anyone, regardless if they've come to an earlier session. They'll take place In PRSC at 6:30pm on Tuesdays: March 19th, and April 2nd, 16th & 30th.

We encourage booking a ticket on Headfirst - for a recommended donation of £3 to cover the cost of the room, but free tickets are also available.