Left Attitudes on War - session 1


Tuesday, 3rd October 17:30 – 19:00

This first session will listen to the first two episodes of Blowback S4. Our discussion will focus on the overall story, and on how imperialism has shaped modern Afghan history.

Reading/listening list:

- Episodes 1-2 of Blowback Season 4 (see bottom of event description)

Note: episode 1 is very fast-paced, as it's an overview of the whole series. Don't get too worried about taking it all in - it'll come back later!

Doors open from 6pm for a 6:30pm start.


What stance should socialists take when their country is involved in a war? How does the media twist perceptions of conflicts in order to garner support at home? Do foreign interventions ever achieve their stated goals?

Using season 4 of Blowback as our starting point, we will discuss these questions and many more across 7 bi-weekly sessions at PRSC. All knowledge levels welcome, come along and get involved!

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