Bristol in Common

Easton Community Centre

Saturday, 8th June 10:00 – 15:00

Bristol Transformed is cohosting this event from Finding Commons Workshops.

What does Bristol now need to thrive?

Bristol is full of activity, hope and resistance. But what does it need at this conjuncture? How can we build trust between communities, fight atomisation and open spaces for sustainable activism?

This reflective workshop will hold a space to contemplate this moment and what the living organism that is Bristol - needs right now. We will use consciousness raising techniques and a series of collaborative exercises to encourage free and open thinking.

Join us for a day of reflection, joy and great food!

Event details

This event is FREE to attend - tickets coming soon

A delicious meal for all attendees will be provided by Coexist Community Kitchen.

The Organisers

This event will be facilitated by Nadia Idle.

Nadia is a communications lecturer at University of the Arts London, an experienced consciousness-raising workshop facilitator, and a cohost of ACFM, the politics, culture and music podcast charting in the top 10% of global downloads.

She previously worked at War on Want, National Education Union and collaborated with Jamie Driscoll on People, Pits and Politics and was a member of Plan C

This event is in partnership with Bristol Transformed, Making Change Collective and Bath Spa university.