BT 2024 Creche

Childcare is a political issue – without it, working class people, especially women, are excluded from all sorts of activities: work, leisure and political organisation. That’s why Bristol Transformed always provides a creche, so parents and carers can attend and know their children will be safely looked after.

This year we are excited to welcome back Mike Williams, registered childminder and lifelong socialist. Mike will be coordinating the creche and its volunteers. Mike’s relevant Ofsted and childminding registration is available here. Mike ran our creche last year and received rave reviews. There will be a range of activities both on and off site.

The creche will be open to children of all ages. It will be based at the Trinity Centre, the sole venue of this year's festival, in the downstairs green room. The opening times for the creche are based on the event sessions. We’ve left 10 minutes travel time to ensure there's enough time for parents and carers to get to the creche before or after a session. If parents, carers, or children need adjustments to timings because of access issues, we will be happy to arrange that - just let us know on the booking form.

Creche Slot Times

Timings will be the same on both days.

  • Slot 1: 10.45 – 13:50 (festival sessions 1 & 2)
  • Slot 2: 13:50 - 15:20 (festival session 3)
  • Slot 3: 15:20 - 18:20 (festival sessions 4 & 5)

Guidance For Parents

Previously the Bristol Transformed Crèche was run for all children from 10 months old. This year, the creche will be open to children of all ages. We know from experience that parents think really carefully about the time they leave their children for, and who with. We wouldn’t want to exclude a child who would be happy with us at a younger age. For children under 10 months old, we do ask that parents book in advance so we can ensure ratios. It is OK to book us and not use us. We understand that plans change and our volunteers can always be dispatched to other parts of the festival!

The session times for the creche mean that a child or young person will be at our creche for a maximum of 3 hours. Please plan your child’s stay based on what you think will work for your child or young person.

Children are also very welcome at sessions throughout the festival.

Please ensure the same person drops off and collects children, and to keep your phone on you whilst your children are using the creche.

We will provide water and food for snacks, and the crèche will include making lunch as an activity, so please do let us know about any allergies or requirements. If children are having formula or breast milk, or have particular dietary requirements, parents/carers need to provide this, as well as nappies and wipes, and special cups. Younger children may also need a change of clothes.

We cannot guarantee there will be a space for parents/carers to leave buggies during the sessions. Please either take them away with you or leave them at home. If this presents an access issue, please let us know and we will make sure this is addressed.

Reserve a place at Bristol Transformed creche here

You will receive an email confirming your child’s place at Bristol Transformed creche. All information will be retained until after the festival, and then deleted.